Why us?

Some more information on who we are, and what
you can learn by using our digital learning platform.

Why us?

Some more information on who we are, and what you can learn by using our digital learning platform.

Who are we?

We are all established web developers with combined experience in the industry and we found that there was a niche in the market for affordable and accessible learning solutions for coding and development, so we created one!

We believe that web development and coding skills should be accessible to anyone that needs them, and we believe you do not need to attend a school in person to learn new skills.

We want to help both new and established developers advance in their careers and ambitions with the help of new coding skills and practices.

Instant access

Sign up and get started today to view our learning library or book a one-on-one tutorial.

Secure platform

We have made this a secure and safe space to learn online.

New learning solutions

We offer a number of digital learning solutions to be able to meet your needs.

Why choose us?

There are many different learning options for coding and development, but the danger with many online courses is that the content can be unreliable and it can end up being a waste of both your valuable time and money.

We have created this platform to bring high quality learning solutions which have all been hand picked by ourselves to a wider audience of established and aspiring website developers. We have made everything as easy as possible: everything can be downloaded digitally, customers can choose the format in which they would prefer to learn and they also have the option of working alongside a tutor if this is something that would suit them.

What could you learn from using our products?

  • Learn website development and coding skills as a complete beginner with no previous experience necessary.
  • Choose the learning platform which is most suitable for you and your individual learning style, depending on whether you are an Audio, Visual or Hands on learner.
  • Work with an expert tutor on a one-to-one basis and log into the classes from anywhere in the world using video conferencing software.
  • Choose the learning package or type which best suits your needs and budget and simply pay for the services as you go: there are no membership or subscription fees for this service.